The Shoulder Saga

So I figured I should start writing a blog for the new website, and update everyone on my shoulder progress.  For those that don't know, I had a bad rotator cuff tear and had surgery on my right shoulder on October 1st to fix the damage.  My wonderful surgeon, Dr. Mark Seckler, was able to reattach my 1 1/4" torn away tendon to the bone, and he was able to do it arthroscopically - I do have 6 holes in my shoulder, but no big incision (which is a lot longer healing process).  I'm put back together with 7 anchors into the bone (most of these surgeries require 1 or 2...) and I am happy to report that I am experiencing very little pain.  I'm following doctor's orders, doing my daily arm circles and other than that keeping the arm in the sling - this will be for the rest of the month.  Physical therapy to follow starting in November.

I have the doctor's OK to play my guitar as long as I don't put any stress on the shoulder - so far I can play my electric guitar (it's thin as I have to keep my arm close to my body-can't reach out or up) sitting down and being careful.  We will get back to the acoustic as soon as I have the medical go ahead.  I expect to be fully back to playing within a month :-)

I will be singing (but not playing) tomorrow night at Albert Music Hall and hope to get a few more dates in place soon.  Elaine & The Cimarron Sky Band will be back at Albert Music Hall the Saturday before Thanksgiving, Nov 22nd (not much more than a month away!) and I am planning on playing barring any set backs.  Stay tuned for new shows, both solo and with The Cimarron Sky Band. 

Please feel free to send me any comments or request by email - that's about it for now.


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